IVY Portfolio October 2013 Signals

Yesterday was the last trading day of the month of October. Time to update the IVY timing portfolio signals. This post updates the signals for the basic IVY 5 asset class timing portfolio, also known as GTAA 5.

You can see the signals at world beta or at dshort as well. I have my own tracking spreadsheet on-line as well. Below is a snapshot of this month’s signals.

IVY October 2013 signals


You can see the spreadsheet on line here. The spreadsheet updates daily but remember that only the prices at the end of the month are used to generate buy/sell signals. I also have a version of the basic IVY that uses different ETFs for the commodities (GSG in place of DBC) and bonds (VGIT in place of IEF) portions of the portfolio. GSG and VGIT have slightly lower fees than their counterparts. Also, note that due to the different composition of the ETFs the buy/sell signals may be different.

For this month the real estate ETF, VNQ, went back on buy signal in both portfolios. The portfolios are now 60% invested and 40% in cash.

For previous posts on the basics of the IVY timing model and its performance see here and here. There are also posts on extensions to the basic IVY portfolio to include more asset classes (here) and some more aggressive models (here). Finally, this post discusses fees, commissions, and taxes.

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  1. Richard Yalmokas says:

    Are you still blogging? This is the last post I have received from you. I pray everything is okay with you and your wife. Blessings, Dick Yalmokas

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